Masonic Aprons


The White Leather Apron

The lambskin or white leather Master Masonic apron was inspired by the aprons that stonemasons wore. It is a Freemason badge, and it is a sign of innocence. The Masonic apron is highly regarded amongst the finest decorations of Ancient Europe and Ancient Rome.

The Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter is considered as the highest decoration that can be given to anyone by a Ruler in Britain. It started in medieval England as an order of knighthood. It is a very high honor for anyone to have the Order of the Garter bestowed on them.

The Roman Eagle

The Roman Eagle is made of bronze or silver, and it is a sign of imperial power to the Romans. The eagle is placed on top of the pole of military flags.

The Order of the Golden Fleece

The Order of the Golden Fleece is highly regarded as an Order of Knighthood. The Duke of Burgundy established it in 1429. He was a member of the royal family and made the fleece, the badge of the Order of Golden Fleece because wool was the major produce of the country. The Order of the Golden Fleece is one of the most brilliant orders in Europe.

The white leathern Master Mason apron made of lambskin, is the emblem of a Mason. It is a badge of innocence and it is more honorable than any Order than can be conferred on someone by any King or royal person. The Master Mason apron is older than the Roman Eagle or Golden Fleece. Only a Mason, one who is a member of a Masonic Lodge can wear this honorable apparel.

Men may wear various laurels on their head, hang various pendants on their breast and wear various other jewelry and richly decorated apparel. But none will match up to the honor and beauty of wearing the apron. It is a symbol of the highest purity and perfection. It also serves as a guide reminding Freemasons that all their deeds must be pure, noble and spotless before other men and their creator.

Purity and Innocence

The Master Mason apron serves as an object for teaching incoming Masons that no one can be awarded that honor but those that are pure in body and mind. In the ancient times, the Master Mason apron is more of a religious item than a decorative attire.

To be heavenly rewarded by the Supreme Being, a man must be pure and have a good conduct, living an exemplary life and doing good to men he encounters.  

The High Priest, Melchizedek was the first to start wearing the Master Mason apron as a sign of his religious authority. The apron is a sign of a holy man, and it is a high honor for anyone to wear it.

A badge of distinction for those worthy

In ancient times, the Master Mason apron was worn as an honorary badge of distinction. High Priests and other senior religious officials wore specially ornamented apparel with girdles made of purple, crimson, blue, gold and white color. These special apparels were presented at special ceremonies.

Religious sects in various nations wore various aprons. Priests in nations like Egypt, Persia, Ethiopia and India all had their apparels. All these aprons were beautifully made, and they had they had unique designs on them. Some were colored white while others had colors like purple, gold, red, gold etc. Some of them had fringes, tassels and other unique colors around them.

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