Appeals and Grievances

Committee On Grievances And Appeals

The WV Masons’ Appeals and Grievances committee serves as a means of dispute resolution within the organization. Members who feel they have been wronged or treated unfairly by the Grand Lodge, a Lodge, or another member can file an appeal or grievance to have the issue reviewed and potentially resolved. The committee works to ensure that due process is followed and that all parties involved are heard.

Wor. Richard L. Pauley
1179 Midway Rd., Sod, WV 25564
C: 553-5214

Committee Members:
M.W. Carl McDaniels, P.G.M.
Wor. Jack R. McLane
Wor. Arthur G. Angus
M.W. Lewis R. Youngblood, P.G.M.
Wor. Steven D. Spencer
Wor. Larry T. Bates

West Virginia Grand Lodge